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Trixstar provides industry and class-leading event resources and downloads to help you manage all aspects and every step of event management. The creative and innovative materials provided here are intended to help educate others on our processes, and inspire action to create amazing events.


7 Deadly Sins Of Booking Casino Entertainment

Is your casino missing out on gaming and non-gaming revenues due to these common entertainment booking oversights?

Safety Starts With An ‘S’ But Begins With ‘U’

Follow these 10 tips to help you better understand what goes into planning a safe event!

The Six Pillars Of Event Marketing

You’ve developed your event’s strategy, needs, and resources, now it’s time to learn and master the 6 pillars of an effective event marketing campaign to ensure your next event is launched right!

Creating Your Event From Concept To Completion

Have you been tasked with creating an event for your company, but aren’t sure where to start? Trixstar will take you through 8 essential tips to create an event like the pros.

5 Questions To Ask Before Producing Your Event

Successful events seem easy to those in attendance, but there is a certain science that separates the good events from the great. Learn how to build a successful event strategy in this eBook.