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The COVID-19 crisis has brought our events industry to a standstill the same way that it has impacted many other local businesses and industries. In this time of uncertainty, the full scale of resources needed to fight the pandemic are still not fully understood.

With the massive amount of resources all levels of government are mobilizing and positions that will need to be contracted, we are here and available to provide some of those services. Members of the live event industry like us carry a wide range of skill sets that could prove to be valuable in these times.

Our team at Trixstar has personnel trained in Incident Command Systems (ICS) level 100 & 200, certifications to operate several types of heavy equipment, various levels of Emergency Medical Training, Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis, personnel scheduling, site management and design, Public Relations, and social media management. We have also participated in various emergency tabletop exercises and emergency operations centers in different capacities. 

Large scale events are the equivalent of building and safely maintaining a temporary city, and we are experts in this area with vast experience.

Should we be able to provide our services in any way please let us know. 


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