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Millennials - those born between 1980 and 2000 - account for 35 percent of Canada’s workforce, which means they now outnumber Gen X and the Baby Boomers. It’s been projected this generation will make up 75 percent of the labour market within the next 15 years - which means they’re going to be the ones with money to spend, and it’s important to ensure your casino appeals to this demographic.

Millennials - the oldest of which turn 35 this year - enjoy spending money on recreation, whether that entails dining out, concerts, sporting events or travel. They like to have a good time, but they are also discerning about where their expendable income goes. This generation does its research when it comes to companies and their practices, and they are more likely to be attracted to those that exercise social consciousness or align with their values. Ensure your casino is a business where millennials feel comfortable, one that appeals to their tastes and one that they feel good about frequenting - consider partnering your casino with a notable and reputable cause for certain events, for example.

This generation often visits casinos for the inherent culture they present rather the ostensible lure of gambling. With this in mind, it is important to create opportunities that attract millennials to casino amenities besides traditional games, such as music, comedy shows and quality dining options. As mentioned in our previous blog post, casinos can attract different demographics with throwback nights which play to the nostalgia factor that is attractive to millennials as well as other generations.

With that in mind, booking quality entertainment at your casino cannot be overlooked. Maintain a suitable performance space that will not only attract guests, but performers as well. Consider booking musicians or performers that have multigenerational appeal while still being viewed as relevant by today’s standards. If millennials begin to realize that your casino brings in exclusive acts they don’t have the opportunity to see very often, they will be more likely to check in regularly. Entertainment can also attract new guests who have never been to your casino before, and if they enjoy themselves there’s a good chance they’ll return.

Social media has also changed the way millennials engage with their surroundings and how they communicate with one another. Create a strong online presence and regularly interact with your clientele on social media: you could consider running contests for event tickets through these platforms, for example, or create experiential campaigns to entice a younger crowd through your doors. Millennials are not shy about giving feedback online, either, so remain cognizant of any that you are receiving and respond to it in a timely manner - the Internet has become a new realm of word-of-mouth marketing, and it is imperative that your casino remains in good standing there.

Millennials are an engaged, educated and social demographic, and marketing to these traits in thoughtful and genuine ways can be the first step to creating a positive relationship with them, as well as making your casino a destination at the forefront of their social radar.


How do you increase awareness and excitement of your brand to new demographics?

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