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There are numerous events taking place within your city on any given night, but what’s going to make people want to attend yours when there are so many other options available to them? It’s not enough to rely on some of the tried-and-true methods of event planning and event promotion. People expect more, and it’s up to your company to make sure your event is enjoyable - and that the public will start to recognize your company as one that is known for stand-out events. However, this might mean your event needs a makeover, so read on for a few tips to determine if it does. 

1. Your Event Isn’t Getting Attention

Do people seem disinterested in your event? Are you not receiving the number of RSVPs you’d like to get? You may need to evaluate how your company is marketing the event, as well as the appearance of your marketing materials and how they reflect the type of event you’re hosting. Do your visuals match the tone of your event? And while we’re on that note, are the visuals you’re using high-quality? This is the first impression your audience has of your event - and maybe your company if they are unfamiliar - so make it count.

Of course, it’s imperative to get the word out on social media (and through more traditional forms of media, if appropriate), so make sure you have a strong presence there. It’s also important to engage with your potential guests, so don’t let questions go unanswered. Your company could also look into contesting or providing some kind of incentive to get potential guests interested in attending.

2. Your Event Lacks Focus

What is the purpose of your event? Are you trying to raise funds? Network? Showcase your company to potential clients? Whatever the reason, make sure this is clear from the get-go, as it will help your company plan the event and determine the execution that will be most effective. Once you have a theme or goal set for your event, make sure you’re targeting the right audience to make it a reality.

3. Your Event Doesn’t Reflect Your Company

The personality of an event should match that of the people hosting it. There isn’t a specific format you have to follow for certain types of events - silent auctions at fundraisers, for example - so try to think outside the norm and how your company can reinvent a common idea. This will get your attendees talking, not to mention show the unique personality of your company and the people behind it.

These are just a few ways to potentially give your event a makeover, but they will give you some key points to think about as you start planning your next event. Above all, make sure to keep your company’s brand and personality at the forefront.

How do you increase awareness and excitement of your brand to new demographics?

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