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Ticket sales are crucial to any event, regardless of the venue or genre. An event can have an exceptional concept or a killer lineup, but it’s nothing without an audience there to enjoy it. Of course, marketing ticket sales does not follow a cut and paste formula that can be applied to any type of event. There are considerations that need to be made to effectively market you event in order to achieve the highest ticket sales volume possible, and casinos are no exception.

Utilize a Variety of Marketing Channels

The Internet has made the world much smaller, and made it that much easier to reach potential guests for your event. Create a presence for your event on social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter through the casino's fan account. You`ll reach your regular audience and open up the possibility for that audience to share your post with their friends, which could result in more ticket purchases. Make sure the event has an ongoing presence leading up to the date, meaning you can't simply post once about the event and move on. Have someone from your team post regular updates in order to create excitement and increase the event`s reach.

Entice New and Existing Customers

It is important to continuously draw new customers to a casino's events, but it is equally vital to ensure previous customers keep coming back. If these customers have a positive experience, it will be an easy sell when it comes to marketing ticket sales for the casino`s next event – they're also more likely to recommend future events to their friends, who may become your newest customers. Consider sending an email blast to past attendees and the Players Club to keep them informed.

It doesn't hurt to keep communication open after an event either. Send a follow-up email to the same customers to get their feedback on the evening. This feedback will help you plan better events for the casino in the future as well as provide an opportunity to get the word out about events occurring in the near future that they may be interested in purchasing tickets to.

Capitalize on the Experience

Casinos are unique venues in that they are able to provide guests with an all-around experience under one roof. Performance venues found in casinos are often more intimate as well, which offers an exclusive opportunity to see acts up close and personal. In turn, this creates a memorable experience for your guests that they may not be able to get elsewhere. Highlight these points when marketing ticket sales along with the casino's track record of other great shows to show your guests that their money will be well spent on an unforgettable evening.

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The right band or artist is the perfect way to complement and solidify your event’s theme, create excitement, and sell tickets. Trixstar has spent years building relationships with all the top agencies in Canada and the United States to make the process simple for you! Talent booking for festivals, concerts, casinos, sports teams, not-for-profits, fundraisers, and more.