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COVID-19 has caused events all around the world to postpone, reschedule or even cancel. As experienced event producers, we always want to try to minimize risks as much as possible, but events can be an inherently risky business even in the best of times. High risk, high reward tends to be the name of the game and are you really an event producer if you haven’t dealt with some form of major event disruption in your career?

In these trying times, many event producers have become all too familiar with the process of postponing, rescheduling or cancelling an event. Due to the massive disruptions caused by COVID-19, there are some event professionals who are learning in a trial-by-fire situation on the processes and anxieties involved. Trixstar has (fortunately?) dealt with our fair share of major event disruptions over the years which has helped us navigate these challenging times for ourselves and our clients. These types of situations can be very fluid and happen within a matter of minutes, hours, days, weeks or months, but whether the disruptions are because of logistics, severe weather, the venue, ticket sales, talent related or even a pandemic - many of the same principles apply

Venues play a key role in the recovery of the events industry. By implementing built-in physical distancing practices at your property and taking every precaution, it lowers the risk for the event planner and adds an extra layer of security for all attendees and stakeholders. With restaurants being open for the past few weeks, our team got creative and brought the restaurant regulation concepts to a large-scale venue in the hopes that this may expedite your opening (timeline depending on your local government and current guidelines/regulations in place). Although this ‘Inside the Box’ concept may be out of the norm and not as financially rewarding as a packed house, it could be a step in the right direction for your venue or help spark some creativity for something new!

We came across a post via Matt O’Neil of Ichi Go on LinkedIn that really resonated with us being in the event industry. Matt’s insight and expertise having been with the Dallas Cowboys for 4 years was leaned on in assessing how arenas and stadiums will need to adapt to a new norm when things reopen. As this global pandemic progresses, more and more large events have had to make tough decisions to reschedule or outright cancel. It is crippling to the industry with no end date in sight.

A couple of months ago, we discussed ways to engage Millennials in your fair/exhibition, but there’s a newer generation to consider throughout the planning process to get the best ROI: Gen Z. This generation, which goes by several other names - iGen, Post-Millennials, Founders - encompasses those born from the late 1990s to 2010s. They are currently in their late teens or early 20s, which means many of them are starting to enter the workforce and earn their own money. Couple that with the fact that Millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce in the next 15 years, and it becomes imperative that your fair is appealing to younger generations.

How do you increase awareness and excitement of your brand to new demographics?

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